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The People's Assembly is Nottingham's anti-austerity campaign. We organise against cuts to living standards, wages and benefits and for an alternative that includes investment in jobs and services. The government's cuts programme is aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable in society, while the spivs and speculators who caused the financial crisis are bailed out.

We meet on the last tuesday of each month to discuss and plan our campaigns. You are very welcome to attend and can find out more about our meetings on our events page.


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    New consultation on future of Nottingham Central Library

    Nottingham People's Assembly recently ran a campaign to prevent the closure of Nottingham Central Library. the original plan, to sell the building and accommodate the library temporarily until a new site could be found, has been scrapped. The new proposal is to sell the Angel Row building and to use some of the proceeds to develop a brand new library building in the Broadmarsh development. We are encouraging all of our supporters to engage in the Council consultation.
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    TUC analysis reveals risk to NHS and social care in the East Midlands from loss of thousands of EU workers

    - 9,000 NHS and adult social care workers in the East Midlands risk losing their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit- Government should unilaterally confirm right to remain in the UK for EU residents, says TUC The TUC has today published analysis that reveals how many NHS and adult social care workers in the East Midlands could lose their right to live and work in the UK after Brexit. Of these 2,741 work in the NHS and 6,300 in adult social care services. The TUC says that the government’s refusal to confirm that EU workers can stay is putting NHS patients at risk, along with older and disabled people who use adult social care.
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