Bedroom Tax Protest Nottingham

Join the national protests at 1pm on Sat 1st June in Nottingham & Notts.

Many well received contributions were made at  the Nottingham People’s Assembly and one definite proposal locally coming out of it was a Bedroom Tax protest in Nottingham (and other towns if they can be organised) from 1pm on Sat 1st June. Download the leaflet.

This coincides with a day of national protests organised for June 1st

This will need to go hand in hand with getting meetings organised on local estates, before if possible but certainly afterwards, if we are going to build a serious campaign locally.

Please pass on the details to people you know affected, your friends, family, workmates (many low paid workers depend on State Benefits to make up their wages because the Government is subsidising employers to enable them to pay low wages!). Use email, twitter, facebook, websites, flyers in local shops, posters in windows etc to spread the word….

June 01, 2013 at 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Richard Buckwell ·
Alana Crane Kezia Scales Peter Bone Joan Morris Darrell Radford Pete Wakeling Sarah Camplin Becci Heagney Paul Martin Richard Buckwell Julie Webster James McDonnell Notts Tuc Dave Miles Ian Mansell Graham de Max Stewart Halforty

Will you come?

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