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    Of course this should be supported, but it’s a bit weak. I doubt just calling a rally will have much effect. The core cities, all dominated by parties that now oppose Tory austerity, should band together and refuse to pass cuts budgets. In the past, this would have certainly been crushed by central government, who would come down and take over running local authorities. Now they are stretched trying to do Brexit, and have no majority, so it’s much more likely that such an action would bring down the government or force concessions.

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    ***Update: Jon Collins has tweeted to say he will support Mayor Rees and his campaign to call an end to austerity in local government. Well done everyone!***

    Dear Jon Collins,

    Bristol City Mayor Marvin Rees has called on all 8 Core Cities in Britain to unite behind his call for an end to austerity. He has organised for a mass lobby of Parliament on 12th September demanding an end to vicious public sector cuts which have brought Local Authorities to their knees. He is also supporting a local demonstration in every city on Saturday 9th September.

    Nottingham City Council has seen cuts of £200 million over the last 6 years, with a further £46 million of cuts to come over the next 2 years. These cuts have meant services cut to the bone, redundancies and wage cuts at the council, and a rise in homelessness in our city.

    Cuts to Council Tax support for the poorest in society have added an extra burden on the City Council, whilst the Bedroom tax has forced up rent for hundreds of city residents. Our social services have suffered as the Council make cuts to balance a shrinking budget.

    The most visible sign of deepening austerity is the increase in homeless people sleeping on the streets. Cuts to Framework have led to a rise in rough sleeping in common with the other Core Cities.

    Before the election Theresa May told a nurse ‘there is no magic money tree’ for wage rises. Yet when her party failed to win a majority they could find £1.5 billion to buy the DUP’s 10 votes. This year we mark 10 years since the beginning of the financial crisis. When banks needed a bailout the money was there.

    We know that money is available for public services. We know because the government have bcut taxes for the rich while claiming ‘we’re all in it together’.

    We the undersigned call on our Council to join Bristol and other cities by supporting a demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday 9th September and by joining Mayor Marvin Rees at a lobby of Parliament on Monday 12th September.

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