Line up announced for Nottingham Unites festival!

Fat_Digester4.jpgThe final line up for the Nottingham Unites festival is out and it looks set to be a corker! with great bands and artists, stalls, marquees, talks, workshops and activities for kids throughout the day this is not to be missed!

As well as music we'll be screening the Sleaford Mods film 'Invisible Britain', marquee talks on activism and community organising, discussions on Brexit and the rise in racism, and much more.

  • 1pm - Stacey McMullen
  • 1.25pm - Arian
  • 2pm - New Apostles
  • 2.35pm - Unknown Era
  • 3.25 pm - Iryna Muha
  • 4pm - Zacc Rogers
  • 4.45pm - Curtis and Kin
  • 5.45pm - Fat Digester

Peoples Assembly - August Update


Jeremy Corbyn comes to Nottingham - Thursday 20 August

Jeremy Corbyn's campaign has electrified the Labour leadership contest and brought anti austerity ideas to the fore. He has raised an alternative economic programme which would see an end to debilitating cuts, and investment in jobs and homes. He is at Nottingham's historic Albert Hall on Thursday next week and we want to fill the hall to bursting and show our city is against the Tory programme of cuts.

Whilst the People's Assembly is non party political, Jeremy is a founder of the People's Assembly movement and has consistently opposed austerity. You can RSVP for the rally here, and use theFacebook event to spread the word. We haven't got long!

Sports Direct - a "Dickensian employer" Protest on Wednesday 9 September

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Peoples Assembly Nottingham Solidarity with Greece

We are with you Greece!


On Sunday the people of Greece went to the polls to vote in a historic
referendum and noted NO! The campaign storms to victory with 61.31% of the vote!

They had two choices: Yes, which will mean accepting unconditional austerity for generations with no debt relief; or No, which will mean rejecting the terms presented to them and demanding a realistic and democratic resolution to the debt crisis.
Nottingham Peoples Assembly stands in solidarity the people of Greece making this difficult decision and hopes that they will have the courage to see past the messages of fear being spread by those in power and vote No on Sunday. The conditions demanded by the troika of lenders would condemn future generations of Greeks to poverty, complete the task of asset-stripping of the Greek economy and open it up to vulture capitalists from all over the world.

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They're back! the People's March for the NHS returns to Nottingham

The hugely successful People's March for the NHS is back in Nottingham! Last year we welcomed them to Nottingham when they marched the length of the country to raise the issue of NHS privatisation in every village town and city along the way. The rapid privatisation of the NHS has happened under this government with barely a murmur from the mainstream press. It's up to us to make it an issue this election.

When the march arrived in Notts in August last year we gave them a great welcome and our section of the march was the largest outside London. It was bigger than Leeds, and their section was on a weekend, ours was on a Thursday! The video below gives a flavour of that fantastic day.


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Stop the eviction of Tom Crawford

Tom Crawford faces eviction from his home on 23 July after a mistake by the bank meant they erroneously recorded his mortgage wrongly. Tom recorded the Youtube video above which has now gone viral and has been watched 5,000 times. Please share this widely with your social networks.

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Notts County Council votes to support the People's March for the NHS!

On Thursday Notts County Council became the first in the country to vote to support the People's March for the NHS. you can read the text of the motion below. A similar motion will go to the City Council this month. 

“On 16th September 2014, a group of mothers is setting off on a march from Jarrow to London to demand that the NHS remains in public hands and is run for the people – not for profit.  On 27th and 28th August 2014, the People’s March for the NHS will be passing through towns in Nottinghamshire including Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield and Hucknall.

The marchers hope to highlight the privatisation of the NHS which has seen profitable parts of the NHS transferred into private hands whilst leaving the public purse to carry the cost of expensive and complex operations.

This Council:-

a)    recognises the threat to our NHS from legislation including the Health and Social Care Act (2012) and the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership; both of which put profits before people;
b)    values the principle of our NHS to provide free, universal healthcare for all;
c)    supports the People’s March for the NHS along with its aims and intentions.”

Councillor Alice Grice                   Councillor Joyce Bosnjak

Shamefully Liberal Democrat and Tory councillors in a recorded vote opposed the motion. If you're in a ward with a councillor who voted no why not write to them expressing your anger at their actions.

NG7 food bank needs your help!

Please see the urgent request below for support and do what you can to help. You can read more about their work below.

Dear Supporters

We fed 65 people today in 2 hours today, and are now short of the following items:
  • Sugar
  • Chick peas/kidney beans
  • Milk
  • tinned meat/fish
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Cereal
  • Oil
  • Rice 
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Biscuits 
Please consider purchasing these items when you shop. Please also ensure any food  donated is within the sell by date and has not been opened. Apologies if this sounds obvious but we have been given food recently that we cannot use.  Please forward this request to anyone in your networks who may wish to support us. 
Best Wishes 
NG7 Food Bank 

NG7 Food Bank Update May 2014

Since our last update in early January the number of people we have fed has now reached over 3700 - in the last month alone 236. Levels of support from supporters/donors have continued to remain very high. Thank you.

However, due to the vicious government policies which have created more hardship for a range of vulnerable groups, the demand on our service has often exceeded food donations. Thankfully our small cash reserves have served to meet the shortfall when necessary.

We firmly believe NG7 food bank should be a service of last resort.  In our effort to ensure this we’ve continually taken measures with our referring agencies to encourage clients to access full support from statutory providers. The City Council has a Hardship Fund which can make grants and the Department of Work and Pensions can also give small sums. The Nottingham Credit Union have set up low cost loan scheme as an alternative to payday loans. We also refer people to one of the other 12 Food Banks in Nottingham.

What else have we been doing?

In January we attended Nottingham Law Centre’s AGM and gave a presentation on our work. At this meeting we also found out about Nottingham Credit Union’s payday loan alternative. See links below...

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The EU-US and EU-Canada trade deals have serious implications for the NHS

From OpenDemocracy

After the government pushed through its widely opposed privatisation regulations it is time now to focus on the big trade deals and look to the G8 meeting in June. There is a reason the public are being told nothing about them - because they won't like what they hear.

Contrary to Coalition promises, the privatisation and liberalisation of the NHS, opening the publicly- funded NHS to transnational investors, has now been fixed in legislationThe Health and Social Care Act, and particularly its accompanying Section 75 regulations, enforce competitive bidding for contracts. The House of Lords motion to support the annulment of the Section 75 regulations failed on 24th April.

But what did not emerge in the prolonged and polarised debate about these NHS changes was the fact that the Act and the accompanying regulations were prepared to fit with the proposed US/EU free trade agreement which David Cameron is promoting and furthering in his current trip to the US.

While there is certainly a role for ongoing monitoring of the new NHS structures and arrangements, activists must now move beyond the focus on national legislation to recognising, exposing and challenging the wider international agenda of secretive trade deals which underpin it. This is the context into which this public health funding giveaway fits. 


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Andreas Bieler: Why we need local People's Assemblies

The public sector in the UK is under attack across the board. Tuition fees and marketisation in Higher Education, the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance in Further Education, moves towards privatising parts of the NHS, the transformation of schools into academies, cuts in disability benefits, the list could go on. Since 1 April this year, a second round of draconian cuts have been implemented damaging especially the weakest members of society (for an overview, see BBC News, 15 April 2013). And yet, resistance is fragmented and weak. A coherent, united movement against austerity has not emerged in the UK. On 18 May 2013, a People’s Assembly Against Austerity will be held in Nottingham. In this post, I will discuss the importance of local People’s Assemblies for the revival of resistance to austerity in the UK. In particular, I will highlight four reasons: (1) the collapse of resistance at the national level; (2) the importance of a broad space to bring together the diverse groups and people opposed to austerity; (3) the fact that the impact of cuts is felt at the local level; and (4) the need to unite various existing local movements of resistance.

The public sector wide strike on 30 November 2011 was a major success. Thirty trade unions had co-ordinated strike action and brought the country to a standstill. Nevertheless, it was not followed up with further joint activities (see also November 30 – what next?). Shortly afterwards, some unions negotiated separate deals with the government, others continued to strike, others hesitated over which line to take. The 30 November turned out to be a one-off event without consequences. TUC members have demanded for some time a call for a general strike, but this has not been acted upon by trade union leaders. In a way, it is almost as if trade unions at the national level have given up the struggle against austerity. They certainly do not provide the kind of leadership, which would be necessary for a successful campaign. Instead, the hope and focus now seems to be on the return of Labour to power in 2015 and this, although many of the current cuts and changes have been initiated by previous Labour governments (see also October 20 – British trade unions and the struggle against austerity). It is in this situation, that local and regional People’s Assemblies are of high importance to ensure a revival of resistance and overcome the lethargy at the national level.
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