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    Peoples Assembly Nottingham Solidarity with Greece

    We are with you Greece!


    On Sunday the people of Greece went to the polls to vote in a historic
    referendum and noted NO! The campaign storms to victory with 61.31% of the vote!

    They had two choices: Yes, which will mean accepting unconditional austerity for generations with no debt relief; or No, which will mean rejecting the terms presented to them and demanding a realistic and democratic resolution to the debt crisis.
    Nottingham Peoples Assembly stands in solidarity the people of Greece making this difficult decision and hopes that they will have the courage to see past the messages of fear being spread by those in power and vote No on Sunday. The conditions demanded by the troika of lenders would condemn future generations of Greeks to poverty, complete the task of asset-stripping of the Greek economy and open it up to vulture capitalists from all over the world.

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GOAL: £50.00


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