NG7 food bank needs your help!

Please see the urgent request below for support and do what you can to help. You can read more about their work below.

Dear Supporters

We fed 65 people today in 2 hours today, and are now short of the following items:
  • Sugar
  • Chick peas/kidney beans
  • Milk
  • tinned meat/fish
  • Tinned Tomatoes
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Cereal
  • Oil
  • Rice 
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Biscuits 
Please consider purchasing these items when you shop. Please also ensure any food  donated is within the sell by date and has not been opened. Apologies if this sounds obvious but we have been given food recently that we cannot use.  Please forward this request to anyone in your networks who may wish to support us. 
Best Wishes 
NG7 Food Bank 

NG7 Food Bank Update May 2014

Since our last update in early January the number of people we have fed has now reached over 3700 - in the last month alone 236. Levels of support from supporters/donors have continued to remain very high. Thank you.

However, due to the vicious government policies which have created more hardship for a range of vulnerable groups, the demand on our service has often exceeded food donations. Thankfully our small cash reserves have served to meet the shortfall when necessary.

We firmly believe NG7 food bank should be a service of last resort.  In our effort to ensure this we’ve continually taken measures with our referring agencies to encourage clients to access full support from statutory providers. The City Council has a Hardship Fund which can make grants and the Department of Work and Pensions can also give small sums. The Nottingham Credit Union have set up low cost loan scheme as an alternative to payday loans. We also refer people to one of the other 12 Food Banks in Nottingham.

What else have we been doing?

In January we attended Nottingham Law Centre’s AGM and gave a presentation on our work. At this meeting we also found out about Nottingham Credit Union’s payday loan alternative. See links below...

In February we organised a meeting for people affected by Benefits Sanctions. Unfortunately, it was poorly attended by people who have been sanctioned.  Those who did attend said how demoralised and vulnerable they felt taking on the fight with DWP.

Over the last few months we have continued to seek clarity from Nottingham City Council (NCC) regarding their under spent Discretionary Emergency Hardship Scheme (DEHS). In our experience to date there remains reluctance on the part of NCC to allow people who have been sanctioned to access this money.  Both the recent reports undertaken by NCVS and Transforming Nottingham Together speak of a good relationship with the DWP, and the wish not to undermine the DWP’s efforts to sanction people back to work.

In November 2013 we began conducting our own survey with users experiencing sanctions. This survey will finish shortly.


Thank You

Thank you to the many local individuals that give us food and money, the Friday volunteers and food collection drivers, Bike repair man and his friends. Inter Varsity Press, Nottingham Interfaith Council, Hope Nottingham and Trussell Trust network, UNITE, UNISON, City Care, Mary Potter Health Centre, Nottingham Law Centre, St Ann’s Advice Centre, The Sumac Centre, Nottingham City Care Partnership, Partnership Council, NCHA, Metropolitan HA, Framework HA, Sherwood Methodist Church, Our Lady of Grace(Cotgrave), St Barnabus Catholic Cathedral, The Holy Spirit Church (West Bridgford), Evangelical Free Church (Radford), Seventh Day Adventist, The Baha’i Community, St Peters and St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s in the Lace Market, The Friends Meeting House, Nottingham Hebrew Synagogue, Nottingham Progressive Synagogue, The Derby Ashram, Guru Nanak Satsang Gurdwara. The many other Churches in Nottingham who we don’t have the names of.

 Forest Fields Primary School, Berridge Road School, Seely Primary School, Bentinck Primary School, Mellor’s Primary School, Djanogly (Sherwood Rise),  Ali’s Fruit and Veg Store, Kemet FM, St Lukes Surgery Radford Health Centre. I’m Not From London, LeftLion. The Place- Sherwood,  Madni Trust. Radford History Group, Green Academy Trust,  Clarion Choir, Bronwyn’s Choir, Sherwood Singing for Fun Choir, The Parish of Radford, Shariff & Sons, Medina Stores, staff at MCN Bentinck Rd. Dunkirk and Lenton Partnership Forum.

Finally, some information on a situation we would like to increase awareness of.

Support for asylum seekers and refugees has always been high on our list of priorities.

Last Friday 2nd May inside the Immigration Removal Centre- IRC Harmondsworth (near to Heathrow airport) an orchestrated hunger strike began involving over 150 detainees. The strike is due to the daily cruel and inhumane treatment and lack of access to legal and support services. UKBA has mostly outsourced these contracts to private companies- Geo, G4S, SERCO and others. UKBA said it would give full consideration and a reply to these demands by Tuesday 5th May – so far it has failed to respond. This has now prompted more detainees to go on hunger strike at Harmondsworth. There has been a near complete absence of media coverage for events unfolding in these often little known places. This resistance is growing and now other detention facilities around the UK are joining the hunger strikers; Yarl’s Wood, Brook House, Campsfield, Colnbrook, Dungavel. Due to the well practiced, cruel, inhumane treatment of those being held in detention centres this is one of the few truly autonomous steps that is left to take.

We at the NG7 Food bank are in solidarity with those hunger striking and we encourage our supporters to at least inform themselves of this brave attempt by very vulnerable people to bring attention to their conditions. The mainstream political parties and their media lapdogs have too often colluded in dressing up human rights abuses by UKBA  as a legitimate immigration system. It is not - End detention now!!.

For more info please visit and network this information on to others.    twitter @antiraids

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