They're back! the People's March for the NHS returns to Nottingham

The hugely successful People's March for the NHS is back in Nottingham! Last year we welcomed them to Nottingham when they marched the length of the country to raise the issue of NHS privatisation in every village town and city along the way. The rapid privatisation of the NHS has happened under this government with barely a murmur from the mainstream press. It's up to us to make it an issue this election.

When the march arrived in Notts in August last year we gave them a great welcome and our section of the march was the largest outside London. It was bigger than Leeds, and their section was on a weekend, ours was on a Thursday! The video below gives a flavour of that fantastic day.


We don't have long, so get the word out using the Facebook event, leaflet and Twitter to ensure it's a massive success! Check out the event page for more info on promoting the march to your friends.

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