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    No Trump in Nottingham

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    Trump_ban_Nottingham_Facebook.jpgNottingham is a vibrant, creative, caring and multicultural city. Hate, division and prejudice have no place here. Our diversity and openness is something that we not only celebrate – these things make Nottingham a special place. 

    Time and again our city has shown that we will not tolerate those who seek to disrupt our communities. We have come together to oppose racists and fascists; we unite to defend our interests and we organise to make our city a better place.

    The new President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has been invited to the United Kingdom for a State Visit. This means that no expense will be spared to pamper and promote a man who can fairly be described as a vicious racist. We think the plans for his visit are deeply disturbing. We are not alone. 

    Close to two million people have already signed a petition calling for the State Visit to be cancelled. Parliament will discuss the demands of the petition on 20th February. Tower Hamlets and Gateshead Councils have declared themselves a ‘No Trump’ zone. In Nottingham, thousands of people signed the petition and two thousand took to the streets to protest Trump’s racist ban on Muslims entering the USA. 

    We want Nottingham to join a growing list of towns and cities in becoming a ‘No Trump Zone’. This means that we want as many people as possible to declare themselves opposed to Trump and the plans for a State Visit. It also means that we ask Nottingham City Council to publicly declare that Donald Trump will never be officially welcomed to our community.

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  • Line up announced for Nottingham Unites festival!

    Fat_Digester4.jpgThe final line up for the Nottingham Unites festival is out and it looks set to be a corker! with great bands and artists, stalls, marquees, talks, workshops and activities for kids throughout the day this is not to be missed!

    As well as music we'll be screening the Sleaford Mods film 'Invisible Britain', marquee talks on activism and community organising, discussions on Brexit and the rise in racism, and much more.

    • 1pm - Stacey McMullen
    • 1.25pm - Arian
    • 2pm - New Apostles
    • 2.35pm - Unknown Era
    • 3.25 pm - Iryna Muha
    • 4pm - Zacc Rogers
    • 4.45pm - Curtis and Kin
    • 5.45pm - Fat Digester

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    Hi Richard, we don’t have an address yet but it is somewhere in Carlton. We will email the address out as soon as we know it.
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