Tony Benn, Former MP for Chesterfield

Tony Benn

Britain's most loved politician, Tony has spoken, written and campaigned for a better world for more than half a century. He is President of the Coalition of Resistance and led the call for People's Assemblies across the UK.

 On Twitter: @TonyBenn

Owen Jones, Author of Chavs and anti cuts journalist and activist

Owen Jones

Owen has been an outspoken opponent of this government and one of the first supporters of the People's Assembly initiative. He writes regularly for the Guardian and the independent. Read his statement of support for the People's Assembly.

On Twitter: @OwenJones84

Lindsey German, Coalition of Resistance

Lindsey German

Lindsey German is a founder member of the Coalition of Resistance and author of Sex, Class and Socialism. She is also Convenor of Stop the War Coalition.

On Twitter: @LindseyAGerman

Francesca Martinez, Comedienne, actress and disability rights activist

Francesca Martinez

Actress, stand up comedian and sponsor of the WOWPetition, Francesca has starred in many well known TV shows over the years and is a passionate campaigner for the rights of disabled people and against the government's cuts.

On Twitter: @ChessMartinez


Will Duckworth, Deputy Leader of the Green Party

Will Duckworth, Green Party Deputy Leader

The Green Party are one of the few parties in Parliament to speak out against all cuts and in favour of investment, not austerity. Will was elected Deputy Leader last year.

On Twitter: @WillDuckworthGP

Andreas Bieler, Professor of Political Economy at Nottingham University

Andreas Bieler

Andreas Bieler is Professor of Political Economy and Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice. He writes and speaks on resistance to neo-liberal globalisation with a particular emphasis on the possible role of trade unions. 

On Twitter: @Andreas_Bieler


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